Adapting to the Modern Hiring Process

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The Big Question: How can you attract top talent to your firm in a competitive job market?

Human talent has always been sought after by burgeoning companies; the fact remains true today. However, the connection between the talent pool and the hiring process is an elusive problem for employers who have a series of problems that they must deal with. The most important being: how can I attract top talent to our firm in a competitive job market?

A Formulaic Approach

Let`s consider some basic numbers. In the United States this year, the average number of job applications necessary to land a job was between 21 to 80 resume and cover letters being sent. This is a striking number that articulates a strange phenomenon. An influx of job applications is being sent in, but firms are generally reluctant to hire many of them because of their standards not being met. What happens is that many companies who open up jobs, can get job applications coming in, many of them are not what they want. The time spent sifting through the numerous applications are ineffective and often times can lead to significant deadweight loss. At the same time, many firms do not receive any applications at all. So, what should you then do? Post on LinkedIn? Indeed? Your personal website? eBay? Maybe. Or maybe it’s time to get ahead of the competition and modernize the hiring process to get the talent you want.

Job Description

Creating a proper job description is necessary in attracting the right type of people to your organization. Oftentimes, this step is kept generic. Similar key words, similar format. And while that may create consistency and ease for applicants to apply, so does the sheer volume of applicants who do not look through the job postings and apply randomly. In this process, the number of carefully thought-out applicants decrease and increases the chance of resume overload. So then, how should one write a job description properly?

Clear Communication

Clarity is key. The description must be clear on the responsibilities necessary of the potential hire. A well-crafter job description would explain the qualifications and role of the employee. It should also be neatly explained in a way that is concise and articulates the values of the company. A description of what the company is trying to achieve can also be helpful in creating a common mission that the employee would like to strive towards. At the same time, a guide of potential promotions and salary grades should be identified. It would allow applicants to check whether it aligns with their goals and values for their careers. While, some jobs may be hesitant in doing so, this approach reduces much of the late stage denials that come with many of these jobs where top talent is hired but has already signed with another firm. Clearing up the many variables in a job allows for this to become streamlined and will allow you to land the hire you want.

Use Technology, It`s There to Help You

New software like ATS and search words can help guide your process in attracting talent that you want. By landing on the top of the job search pools, you`d get a larger opportunity to be seen by a vast group of employees who then could apply to your job. While it is not always in the best interest to have too many job applicants that you reduce efficiency, it is still important to be able to be seen by potential applicants on the digital space. ATS and optimizing for search engines is critical in this approach.

Make Sure to Write What Makes You Stand Out

Now that you have cleared up all variables in the job, allowing for clear communication and you have also optimized for visibility through technology, you have achieved 2 key things. Honest transparency and visibility. You can also include what salary they can expect and what amazing opportunities they will have from being an employee at your company. This will promote trust between your employees and you. At the same time, you can add onto it perks and benefits that are unique to you. Don’t be afraid to stand out, in fact celebrate it. Many new hires are interested in the unique culture that your company offers.

Leaving Some Final Thoughts

In essence, a job description should be focused on transparency and visibility. This encourages trust and a positive aura around your company. At the same time, your perks and benefits become more recognizable and will help make you stand out from other companies.

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Joonmin Youn

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August 17, 2023

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